First edition of the Regional Forum „Do it now generation of justice”. How it was.

Do-it-now-generation-of-justice_01During the period 1519 September 2015, LiderJust Association, with the support of United States of Amerca Embassy in Bucharest, Netherlands Embassy in Bucharest and Kinstellar, organised the frist edition of the Regional Forum „do ir now generation of justice” dedicated to legal professionals from Europe of South East
The idea of this project was born from the need of an efficient and rapid cooperation between the countries from this region, both as European Union state members and as zone with a specific character based on our common history, similar problems
and reforms in justice.
Do-it-now-generation-of-justice_02Th purpose of the event was to initiate a dialoge between practicians in order to
establishing joint politics regarding the reform in justice and strenghtening
international cooperation. As guest, we had judges, prosecutors and lawyers from
countries such as Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Republic
of Moldova and Serbia.

The first day of the forum started with discussions regarding international
cooperation in criminal law, which were moderated by Bogdan Bibicu (Kinstellar).
The participants identified problems encountered in national practice, especially in
non EU member state, they shared self experiences and proposed creating a data
base with necessary information for mking more efficient the joint teams that deal
with the investigation and deciding upon request for legal assistance in criminal


The Day continued with discussions regarding the fight against anticorruption,
external intervention in public polictic for preventing and fighting against the
phenomenon, „capturing the state” in case of generalised corruption and the need of
capable leaders that can change the way public institutions are functioning.
We ended that day with jurisprudence from European Court of human Rights in
freedom of speach matters, the right to fair trial and the right to private life, theme
presented bu Mrs. Beatrice Ramașcanu (judge and trainer for Nationa Institute of
Magistracy); When it affects the public debates, guarantees such as the presumption
of innocence, what happens when the magistrate is subject to public debate in
massmedia, which are the limits of the freedom os speach and what happens when
information is provided to the press during criminal investigation, are some of the
questions that found their answers during the debates.
The second day of the forum started with a visit at SELEC, where the participants
descoverea whoe is it working the cooperation between the 12 member states of the
group, which are the succesful methods regarding the exchange of information and
what results had this type of cooperation in transnational investigation matters,
followed by a visit to the Bucharest Tribunal and particpating to a court hearing.
The afternoon was dedicated to the criminal offenses in intellectual property right
domain, ethics and proffesional deontology and investgating the financial circuits by
accessing information from free sources.
The discussion regarding the protection of intellectual property rights by effective
mechanisms or criminal law were conducted by the representative of United States
of America Embassy in Bucharest, underlying the need for education as efficient
mechanism for preveting the criminal phenomenon.

Wtih our collegue Alex Arghir (judge and Liderjust member) and special guest, Mr.
Alexandru Serban (CSM) Alături de colegul nostru Alex Arghir (judecător, membru
Liderjust) și de invitatul special, dl. Alexandru Șerban (CSM) am discutat despre
valorile profesionistului în drept, despre răspunderea disciplinară, codul deontologic
și restricțiile inerente profesiei de magistrat și am soluționat împreună cazuri practice
privind încălcarea codului deontologic.