Second edition of LiderJust Café

The second meeting from the series of informal discussions LiderJust Cafe took place on
Thursday, 11th December 2014, in Senate Room of Faculty of Law, Nicolae Titulescu
University, addresing the theme „The Role of Justice and press in democracy”.

This time, the role of justice and press in democracy was debated by:
Dean Thompson – U.S. Responsible with Affairs of Diplomatic Mission in
Paul Brummel – His Excellency, the Ambassador of Great Britan in Romania
Matthis van Bonzel , His Excellency, The Ambassador of Netherlands in
Paul Radu investogation journalist, RISE Project
Attila Biro – investigation journalist
DSC_0019After only two days from the Anticorruption National Day, we have talked
about the role of social networks inthe proccess of making the justice act
more transparent and especially, about ethical methods identified by
journalists by which to transmit in real time infromation from the law courts
while court cases are in process .
It was brought in discussion issues like the leak of infrmation from the ongoing files
or even fale information provided by people who control the media and wish to
influence the court process by making pressures for e specific solution.
A real interest was presented towards the instruments used by investiogation
journalists in their activity, including data bases, publci or not, created and updated
by their collegues journalists all around the world.
The three honored diplomats offered us both relevant examples and a vision about
the success model applied in their countries, concretly adapted to Romania’s actual
situation; these discussions included also references to MCV.
We thank everyone for their active participation and direct questions!

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